Frequently Asked Questions

Women: What Should I wear?

You can never go wrong with the classics-simple styles and conservative colors always look polished and on point. But most women want to do color and pattern-a fresh take on business attire,and there are ways to do it that are best for photography, perhaps as a blouse, scarf, or other accessory.

Men: What should I wear?

Sticking to the classics-suit, blazer, crisp shirt, tie (optional, depending on your line of work) is always a good idea. Of course, if you are in a creative industry, the rules may not apply. It is always best that the image is true to who you are and your professional field.

Do you retouch your images?

Yes, extensively. I used to retouch very conservatively for Business Portraits, but often people had concerns about things, and would ask me after the fact to fix them. Now, I do a pretty heavy retouch. Still, please feel free to express all concerns before the shoot so that I can consider lighting and posing in addressing these issues beforehand, and can eliminate any anxiety you have. It will also aid me in my post production flow.

I have my file(s), but now I notice image(s) I prefer. Can I trade the one I have for another one?

There is no way to exchange the image once it has been downloaded and now belongs to you.

I see images that combine more than one image to create a final image.  What is that?

Those are Composite Portraits.  They are not part of a standard Business Portrait Shoot.  Please contact me for pricing and to discuss your ideas for a truly unique portrait to represent your business needs.  

Do you shoot Senior and Family Portraits?

No, I only do Business Portraits. However, a Business Portrait is an ideal gift for a graduating HS or College Senior-for LinkedIn, social media, resumés, or anything that would require a professional image.

Do you shoot Events or Weddings?


I have skin issues, is there an extra fee for “major” retouching?

Whether it’s a tiny blemish or a prominent birthmark-if you want it to go away-it’s gone! My job is to make my clients feel and look their very best-so there is NEVER an extra fee-even if some retouching jobs are more involved than others.

Do you provide Hair and Make-up?


What about copyright?

As all photographers do, I legally retain the copyright to every image I ever make, unless I were to sell that right to an image, which I presently do not do.

How may I use these images?

Company websites, social and print media, and business cards are all ways that most professionals use their images.

If you are a magazine that wishes to commission a portrait for an article, feature or cover, then that is commercial photography-please contact me to discuss your project and my fees.

If you are an author/music artist, etc. and wish to have a portrait made for a book, cd or other media that will be sold-that is an entirely different matter that requires a contract regarding usage and different fees than you see here. Please contact me to discuss your project.

How much do you charge for RAW files? I’d like to edit/retouch the images myself.

I do not sell RAW files. Only fully retouched high resolution jpeg files are available for purchase.

How much is Product Photography?

Please contact me for a quote based on your project's needs.


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